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  • 2017-06-06

Best Way to Deal with a Slipping Transmission

If you noticed your transmission starting to slip it could be something simple like a fluid leak which can be easily fixed. In the event your transmission is slipping and not leaking fluid then you will need to find a local expert that has experience repairing transmissions, if you live in Tampa then you would seek out transmission slipping Tampa service providers. When you have the names of the various companies that repair transmissions in Tampa you must assess them based on their respective capabilities.

Manual Vs Automatic Transmission

This is a key thing to bear in mind. A manual transmission is not as complex as an automatic one so you should have a greater range of professionals to choose from. If your vehicle has an automatic transmission then you should look for local firms that have been doing this work for a minimum of ten years. Over the course of ten years, the company would have worked on a large number of transmissions so they will have the practical knowledge required to do the job well.

After you have established which of these transmission specialists have the most experience you should find out what they would charge you to repair/replay your transmission. If the repair is simple you may be able to save a substantial amount of money but usually, your best option is to swap out the defective transmission for a new one.

You have to find out what the companies are going to charge you for the transmission and separately what they will charge to install it. By getting both of those prices you can shop around to determine whether the price that was quoted is competitive or do you need to shop around. Never purchase a transmission unless the vendor is willing to give you a warranty in writing, without this warranty you could find yourself in serious financial hardship if the transmission fails.