Creative car parking like you’ve never experienced before

  • Posted by: admin
  • 2017-06-22

Creative car parking like you’ve never experienced before

Whether you are a customer, a tenant or a business owner, you all have the same woes. Parking your cars remains a pain in the you know where. It is so unbearable at times and there seems no end in sight. Peak hour traffic remains at a high, in spite of all the civic-mindedness that has gone into streamlining traffic lanes and managing them to be more bearable and clearing up necessary space. But business and parking space cannot be cleared up overnight.

So, at peak hours in particular, parking space remains filled to the brim. This is not good. If you are a customer, you can still manage to creatively find a spot somewhere else, however inconvenient it is. One thing you are not up to doing is paying for a space you’re not always guaranteed to get. Just think what this does to business in any case. It is not good. Business owners owe it to their customers to clear up space, but just how are they to do this.

They are not all in a prime position to increase their premises’ spaces. Perhaps you are one of them. Do not despair. Now you can be creative too. Only your new lot of creative car park solutions is nothing like you might have expected. No more car marshals bugging customers for fees for space that hasn’t yet been cleared. Friendly robots are doing the work better, as it turns out. Running an office complex? No problem.

Ever heard or seen fictionalized accounts of cars being stacked up to create space? Believe it, it is happening. The thing is all of this is being handled rather smartly by specialists who’ve made it their life’s work to park cars creatively, spaciously and efficiently.